Benefit Concert @ BST

Last night we mixed 8 bands in 11 hours at the Bridge Street Tavern in Sovay.  The event was a benefit concert for Joshua Davis a young man  who died in an auto accident.  He was son of the owner of Gianelli Sausage.  Needless to say there was plenty of food on hand as well as beverages donated by Onondaga Beverage Co..  The bands were crankin' out the tunes and the sytstem was soundin' great.   The only drawback to the day was that it  rained lightly off and on all day long, but it didn't stop the people from showin up.  What a great event.  Also two thumbs up to 'Stevie Wolf and the Blues Express' and 'Cousin Jake.'  (Dave Cook from Cousin Jake when it comes to guitar YOU DA MAN.)

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